Are You Walking Through Treacle?

Sep 27, 2021

Does growing your business feel like walking through treacle?

Slow, slow progress, with seemingly every step restricted by some invisible force.

It can lead to frustration and anxiety.

I had these feelings when I started my first publishing company.

Weeks would go by and I felt like I still hadn’t made any progress towards my goal.

The “aha” moment that created a big breakthrough was this:

I realized I was spending too much time working IN my business (doing operational jobs) - and not enough time working ON my business (doing strategic and development jobs). 

As simple as that.

The truth is it is easier to stick with the familiar tasks that we know well, and of course, someone has to do them, otherwise we wouldn’t have a business.

We also tell ourselves that we are probably the best at doing them. It is a lot harder to accept that someone else could do as well as us (or even better!)

One answer is delegation.

When I learned how to delegate - it’s an art rather than a science - I freed up so much time that my business was transformed.

Do you have a team around you that is fully capable of getting things done, but instead of delegating, you try to do everything yourself?

There IS a better way.

If you think becoming better at delegation is something that could help you, download my free guide:

It covers the excuses we make for not delegating, and 5 techniques to help you start delegating, free up your time and stop walking through treacle. 

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