Coaching and consultancy


Coaching: £200/hour

Consultancy: £750/day 

Print magazines and newspapers face many well-known challenges.

Falling advertising revenues, online competition, declining reader attention spans.

I built two independent publishing businesses with email as the main distribution, marketing and retention vehicle.

They served paying subscribers around the world with valued and trusted content.

I believe magazine and newspaper publishers are seriously overlooking the financial benefits that come with using email as a low cost publishing add-on.

Email is the most powerful marketing engagement tool ever invented.

Because it’s low-tech and unfashionable it gets neglected. 

Any magazine or newspaper publisher can start an email newsletter strategy in days.

With greater reader engagement through email come these benefits:

  • Higher retention rates = higher renewal revenue
  • More reader data and more targeted promotions = more ad revenue
  • More reader feedback, greater engagement = more ad revenue
  • Spin-off publication revenue
  • Email sponsorship revenue 
  • Ancillary product revenue

If you'd like to work with me to introduce an email newsletter strategy to your magazine or newspaper, get in touch.

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Call, text or Whatsapp me on: 07388 672802

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