About Andy

About Andy

I'm a massive newsletter fan. I'm fascinated by business, journalism, copywriting, marketing and investment. They all come together with newsletters.

I've founded and managed three newsletter businesses and launched or acquired 20+ newsletters in financial services, corporate communication and sport.

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More importantly....

How can I help you?

I've worked at the coal face on newspapers, magazines and newsletters for 25+ years and been responsible for and managed most of the activities below. I can share my advice and experience with you as a consultant, mentor or coach on any of the following subjects:

  • Market and audience research
  • Product concept development
  • Launch strategies
  • Subscription strategies
  • Free and paid marketing strategies
  • Creating add-on content products
  • Advertising and sponsorship strategies
  • Newsletter and website acquisition
  • Finance and fund-raising
  • Affiliate schemes
  • Writing, newsgathering, sub-editing and editing
  • Establishing house style and tone
  • Managing writers and designers

Newsletters created and launched

Titles launched and developed between 1995 and 2015  by my companies Newsletter Publishing, Red Sky Research (sold to a private buyer 2006) and Green Star Media:

  • NatWest Bank newsletter
  • The AIM Newsletter
  • The AIM & OFEX Deal Monitor
  • Small Cap Shares
  • Tech Shares
  • Euro Shares
  • The EASDAQ Investor
  • Insinger Townsley Research
  • Mears Group newsletter
  • Telford Homes newsletter
  • Better Rugby Coaching
  • Rugby Coach Weekly
  • Better Soccer Coaching
  • Soccer Coach Weekly
  • Basketball Coach Weekly
  • International Rugby Coaching
  • Elite Soccer

Newsletters acquired

  • Footy4Kids
  • Peak Performance
  • Sports Injury Bulletin

Some previous clients

  • NatWest Bank
  • Mears Group
  • Telford Homes
  • Insinger Townsley
  • Downing


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