About Andy

About Andy

I'm a massive newsletter fan. I'm fascinated by business, journalism, copywriting, marketing and investment. They all come together with newsletters.

I've founded and managed three newsletter businesses and launched or acquired 20+ newsletters in financial services, corporate communication and sport.

My first newsletter business grew fast in the dotcom boom of the late 1990s, then crashed, like so many businesses around that time.  It was a personal blow and thought maybe being an entrepreneur was not for me.

I had a young family to support, and I was considering going back to paid employment. By chance I started chatting with a friend about a shared passion and instead of sending off CVs again, we started a sports coaching newsletter.

Everything aligned. Content and marketing through email newsletters made for a highly profitable business, and revenue hit seven figures. I exited the business in 2018 to do something different.

Most of what I know about newsletters has been learned the hard way at the coal face of real newsletter businesses.

Listen to me on a podcast with Madeleine White.  

For more, check out my LinkedIn Profile.

More importantly....

How can I help you?

I've worked hands-on at newspapers, magazines and newsletters for 25+ years and been responsible for and managed most of the activities below. I can share my advice and experience with you as a consultant, mentor or coach on any of the following subjects:

  • Market and audience research
  • Product concept development
  • Launch strategies
  • Subscription strategies
  • Free and paid marketing strategies
  • Creating add-on content products
  • Advertising and sponsorship strategies
  • Newsletter and website acquisition
  • Finance and fund-raising
  • Affiliate schemes
  • Writing, newsgathering, sub-editing and editing
  • Establishing house style and tone
  • Managing writers and designers

Newsletters created and launched

Titles launched and developed between 1995 and 2015 by my companies Newsletter Publishing Ltd, Red Sky Research Ltd (sold to a private buyer 2006) and Green Star Media Ltd:

  • NatWest Bank newsletter
  • The AIM Newsletter
  • The AIM & OFEX Deal Monitor
  • Small Cap Shares
  • Tech Shares
  • Euro Shares
  • The EASDAQ Investor
  • Insinger Townsley Research
  • Mears Group newsletter
  • Telford Homes newsletter
  • Better Rugby Coaching
  • Rugby Coach Weekly
  • Better Soccer Coaching
  • Soccer Coach Weekly
  • Basketball Coach Weekly
  • International Rugby Coaching
  • Elite Soccer

Newsletters acquired

  • Footy4Kids
  • Peak Performance
  • Sports Injury Bulletin

Some previous clients

  • NatWest Bank
  • Mears Group
  • Telford Homes
  • Insinger Townsley
  • Downing




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